As I look back at all that happened in 2012, I have to take a moment
to say “Thank You God,” for allowing me to live long enough to
experience just a little of this amazing planet and the good people
that tenant it (shown above a Capilano Suspension Bridge- Vancouver
, Canada). In that one year alone, I visited over seven countries
including Fiji and Samoa, two places that I had never dreamed of
seeing – I have performed for thousands of people , released my
third solo studio CD and have been able to share my music with people in Japan, Germany and the UK. I spent almost the entire summer in Bermuda and New York City doing what I love most in this world -making music! I am so very excited to see what adventures and opportunities await me in 2013. i can only imagine!wil-vancouver-2-s

Australians and Canadians were recently treated to an American musical invasion of sorts. Performing a series of live shows in support of his critically-acclaimed CD release, “But A Woman,” Wil Key connected to fans and first time listeners alike hip night spots such as the world famous Bondi Beach in Sydney and El Barrio in Vancouver.wil-vancouver-s

We are overjoyed to bring you the very first Wil Key music video!!

It was shot on location in Hamilton, Bermuda and Malibu, California,

and showcases the title cut to Wil’s latest CD release “But A Woman.”

A soulful, haunting ballad that looks intimately at the feminine mystique.

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Earlier last year I had the distinct pleasure of opening up forlegendary R&B singer, El Debarge here in Los Angeles. I will never forget the exact moment that I got to officially meet him.


I had just finished my opening set of music, and I was drenched with sweat -grinning from ear to ear with excitement. I went backstage to cool off before heading out to catch the rest of the show. El bolted in thru the backstage door and stopped when he saw me at the foot of the steps. He looked me up and down and said, “oh….YOU LOOK LIKE THE HEAVY-WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!.” Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a “bro-hug” and we both had a good laugh. To go from lip-syncing his music on the radio to actually sharing the stage with him inHollywood…man, dreams really do come true!! -Wil Key


I would like to take this time to personally cyber-slap every musician who has ever been to NAMM and didn’t tell me how absolutely dope it is! Shame, shame, shame on you for keeping secrets from me. HA HA! For those who may not be aware, NAMM is a huge convention held in Anaheim, CA that showcases every new musical product on the planet from guitars to technological inventions for music. This was my veryfirst time attending. On hand this year was Victor Wooten, Take 6,Tower of Power and Snarky Puppy, an up-and-coming band out ofTexas that packs some serious monster players. The energy and vibe created by so many talented creatives all in one space is a mind-boggling and truly unforgettable experience. Looking forward to the music collaborations that are sure to come out of this in the coming year.


So how do you recap 14 d ays of fun down under at this year’s Scorcherfest Music Festival? You really can’t. We can say that it was an amazing time -over 100 bands/artists, 7 stages, 1400 miles and 3 cities. Musicians traveled from all over to be a part of the annual slam, now in its 5th year. Pictured above are festival organizer Andrew Cooper, Guitarist Andrew Frangou, Wil Key and up-and-coming jazz/funk bassist, Chris Frangou. A wonderful mix of styles from Hip-Hop to Metal all under one roof, in one festival for an amazing Aussie crowd. Cheers!

Wil Key with Scorcherfest founder Andrew Cooper

On this his very first trip to the land of OZ, Wil had the pleasure of performing in 3 major Australian cities for the artist-promoted Scorcherfest Music Festival. Highllights included shows at the Cornish Arms in Melbourne and the Brisbane Hotel in Tasmania, a beautiful and scenic island just south of the mainlnd. “I was able to take a trip to the Sydney Opera House on my birthday and do some fishing in Manly for red snapper,” says the songwriter who found the ocean views mesmerizing. He plans to return with his whole band to perform in the near future! READ THE ARTICLE

Wil Key in Australia 2011